Mukesh Kosadia

Mukesh Kosadia


I love to listen to music and songs. I enjoy playing with a group. In 1995 I began to learn Octapad and Drums.

Music gives me a positive mind, a respectful and joyful life. I am fond of playing Octapad, Drum and Percussion instruments; it is my dream and my talent that has bought me to the place where I am. In 2006 and 2008 I went for tours to the United Kingdom with musician groups for shows. I have performed with many groups, in birthday parties, marriage functions, corporate shows, marriage anniversary etc.

Being from a middle class family, I couldn’t afford to purchase Octapad or Drums, I had to hire instruments for concerts...

I have completed Grade 4 Trinity College London examination.

I can play Octapad, drum, tambourine, conga, bongo and djembe.

I have been in the field of music for the last 23 years, and I have been teaching Octapad and drums from the last 5 years.